SiteWhere Platform

SiteWhere is an open source application enablement platform for building both the infrastructure and applications that make up the Internet of Things. The SiteWhere 2.0 platform introduces an entirely redesigned architecture based on a modern microservices approach. It has been designed from the ground up for reliable, high throughput, low latency processing and dynamic scalability using technologies such as Apache Kafka and Docker. The intent is to continue to support most of the data model and APIs from the 1.x platform, but to do so in a more modular fashion that embraces modern development and deployment workflows.

Microservices Approach

SiteWhere separates the many aspects of IoT processing into a pipeline of microservices, each specializing in a single function. Functions include event ingestion, big-data event persistence, device state management, large-scale command delivery, batch operations, integration of device data with external systems, and much more. Many of the microservices are arranged into a processing pipeline backed by Apache Kafka for resilient, high-performance processing. Each microservice may be configured separately and operates independently of the others. The microservices may be scaled within the Docker infrastructure to handle larger processing loads as needed.

Administrative Application

SiteWhere provides an administrative application based on Electron, allowing SiteWhere instances to be easily administered from the convenience of a desktop application. Use one of the many configuration recipes to bootstrap a SiteWhere instance on Docker, then point the administrative application to the instance to manage it. The new administrative application supports all of the new SiteWhere 2.0 features and offers automated updates to streamline the development process.

Last Updated: 9/14/2018, 11:06:03 PM